Every life, every workplace, every industry faces challenges daily.  If those challenges are met strategically and creatively then the outcomes will be productive, innovative and sustainable.  Imagine the impact on your life, your outcomes, and your workplace if challenges were solved with fresh thinking, new ideas and using different perspectives. This ‘hands-on’, ‘minds-on’ workshop will show you how!

Based on Dr. Yashin-Shaw’s unique ground-breaking research you will learn a totally new ‘whole brain’ approach for understanding your creativity and how to generate, explore, evaluate and implement your brilliant ideas for professional success.


Royal on the Park, BRISBANE CITY



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Creativity is the new core skill for leaders in a VUCA world!! That is because successful organisations, teams and leaders have to be agile, responsive and flexible to succeed in a fast moving and complex environment. This workshop provides a unique opportunity to harness your creativity and unlock the hidden potential in your business, organization, team and life.

Irena’s StrateGEE model taps into a variety of fundamental creative problem-solving skills and synthesises them into a powerful tool to access new ideas about old problems.” M. Delebet, BM. OSD Pipelines.

Thinking Beyond Boundaries Workshop










  • Managers & leaders at ALL levels
  • Emerging leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Organisational influencers
  • CEOs, Directors and GMs

What You’ll learn!


How to:

  • Learn how to generate truly original ideas, be a flexible thinker and see things from fresh perspectives
  • Productively explore emerging solutions
  • Evaluate potential outcomes effectively
  • Understand the creative process and your personal creative problem-solving profile
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to creativity
  • Capitalise on your valuable cognitive resources
  • Learn how to collaborate for creative outcomes
  • Find out what the latest research says about the importance of creativity for professional success
  • Break out of mental ruts and business-as-usual thinking by using a ground-breaking new method.



This workshop unlocks the enormous creative potential stored within us all. Dr Yashin-Shaw delivers a new cognitive tool and methodology for thinking creatively and strategically to kick start and sustain your creative problem-solving abilities. Her processes and frameworks will save you time, effort and resources when meeting challenges.

  • Increase your cognitive flexibility to be a more adaptive thinker
  • Become confident in your ability to solve problems creatively in your workplace (even if you think you are not particularly creative)
  • Eliminate blocks to creative thinking


“Dr. Irena’s material will certainly fill gaps in your life and business as it has in mine. In her creative thinking workshop called ‘Thinking Beyond Boundaries’ she didn’t just fulfill my expectations she exceeded them by literally changing the way I think.” G. Carson, Works4Us

“Using the model I learnt from Irena took me far outside the kind of thinking I usually use when dealing with clients both commercial and government. I was really challenged to shift my perspective in the way I thought about so many aspects of my life – not just work. A really worthwhile experience!”    S. Vine, Lawyer.


Cost pp:               

Early Bird (Ends 27th Sept) $440 incl. GST
Corporate (4 or more) $396 incl. GST
Full Registration $495 incl. GST


Royal on the Park, 152 Alice St. Brisbane.

Date & Time:                  

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 9:00am – 12:30pm


Morning Tea + manual + on-boarding pack + psychometric tool for identifying creative thinking preferences +12-week post-program email follow-up + Q & A webinar + eBook Creative Thinking: Key to 21st century success.