Leadership is changing!


Are your skills up to date?


The success of your business, organisation or team is dependent on the quality of YOUR leadership.


Become the kind of leader and influencer who creates more productive and effective teams and environments




2019 – Date to be confirmed.


This workshop gives you a clear understanding of what it takes to
lift morale and increase buy-in with your team, your peers and
others you work with.


The Innovation Age of the Twenty First century requires a new style of
leader who can effectively harness the valuable skills and talents of
their people.



  • Managers and leaders at all levels
  • Emerging leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Organisational influencers
  • CEO’s, Director’s and GM’s
  • Anyone aspiring to reinvent themselves
You will receive a copy of Dr. Irena’s book LEADING IN THE INNOVATION AGE: Unleash knowledge, talent and experience to create an innovative workplace.

What You’ll learn!

  •  Why leadership is changing and what you
    have to do to stay relevant
  • Why it is essential for your career trajectory to
    understand and apply the new leadership skillset.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that leaders make
    that cost them dearly in outcomes and results
  • How to nurture teams that are self-reliant, self-reflective, and open to
    change and transformation
  • The seven new leadership META-skills essential for leading high performing
  • The key leadership behaviours that unlock the talent and expertise in your team

What You’ll Receive!

  • A hard copy of Dr. Irena’s book Leading in the innovation Age: Unleash knowledge talent and experience to create an innovative workplace
  • A 10 week on-line supported leadership program to embed and extend the workshop learnings
  • Twelve weeks of email support
  • Manual
  • Morning Tea
  • Expertly facilitated learning

Your Workshop Leader


Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw (PhD, MEd, BA, CSP) is Australia’s Innovation Education Expert.

With a PhD in Creative Problem-Solving and a Masters Degree in Adult Education, Irena is a highly experienced corporate educator  adept at helping people to develop their leadership and creativity skills and apply it productively for innovation. She understands what works and why when it comes to helping people, teams and organisations learn, transform and evolve.  You are guaranteed a high-quality and enjoyable learning experience with results!

What people have said! 


“Irena your workshop was exceptional! I felt motivated and inspired and
my dormant creativity seemed to jump to attention. You have an amazing
delivery that is inclusive, informative, consultative and challenging”.
– A. Walker. Dispute Resolution Centre. Cairns

“The tools, techniques, models and systems Irena teaches are simple to
use and make business sense. Really worth the time and effort in
– C. da Cunha. Manager. TMR

“Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw is one of the best in this space. She takes participants
through a range of tools, methodologies and concepts which are readily
transferrable into the workplace. The style of her workshop allows for crosspollination
of ideas and experiences which are shared in a constructive and honest manner.”
K. Tully. Director. Business Development & Innovation.  SmartService QLD

“Dr. Irena should be on the top of your list if you want to creatively lead your
team through change processes”. 
– Bronwyn Clee, Director, Bronwyn Clee & Associates. Darwin. NT.

Levels of Innovation Leadership


Change is inevitable. It is the only constant! Today the world of the Innovation Age is changing faster than ever before. For contemporary workplaces, if  managed well, it sets into motion the following ‘Virtuous Cycle’. A ‘Virtuous Cycle’ is a self-propagating chain of events which generate desired results. Here’s how it goes.