Liberating Innovation, Creativity, Intrapreneurialism and Leadership

Liberating Innovation, Creativity and Leadership

What do you need to liberate in your organisation?

Creative Solutions

Creative thinking is the new essential leadership competency, yet most organisations have a huge skill gap here. Liberate the creativity within your people to ensure a future-ready team.

Innovation Leadership

Leaders need a new skill set, relevant tools and future-proof strategies to harness the collective resources, talents and wisdom of people in the service of organisational innovation.

Clever Intrapreneurs

Your organisation can benefit from intrapreneurs – people with business skills, personal leadership and creative problem-solving abilities who actively find and leverage opportunities.

Helping People Unlock Their Potential

Is there untapped or underutilised talent within your leaders and your workforce that is going to waste?

Dr. Irena has the solution to help you liberate the innovation, creativity & leadership potential of your people.

Create a vibrant, future-ready workplace, enabled and empowered to rise to the challenges of the innovation age.


How leaders ignite innovation, break bureaucracy and catalyse change

Leading in the Innovation Age

Unleash knowledge, talent and experience to create an innovative workplace.

Intrapreneurialism: The Ethnographic Approach to Innovation

Ethnography is a qualitative research approach that seeks to appreciate and describe, at a deep level, the culture and practices of a community or social system. It has traditionally been the domain of anthropologists - the social scientists traditionally...

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Opportunity Finder: The highest level of Intrapreneur

As intrapreneurialism starts to become more mainstream in progressive, future-focussed organisations, it helps to have some tools and models by which to understand this trend. I’d like to share one here that identifies different levels of readiness for...

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How to be an Intrapreneur in 5 Simple Steps

Want to be an intrapreneur? Try this simple five step process!This simple process experientially develops a host of useful intrapreneurial skills. Problem identification, project planning, advocacy, influence, mitigating risk, business acumen. Good luck....

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