Recognising that innovation and creativity are the key drivers of the Twenty-First Century global economy, Irena has developed a suite of programs designed to assist leaders and organisations to increase their innovation capacity by developing a culture of innovation and creative leadership.

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As one of Australia’s leading experts in Innovation, creativity and leadership, Dr. Irena inspires audiences to shift their thinking about how to succeed in the Innovation Age. She has delivered presentations around the world at many different kinds of events and to vastly different kinds of audiences. The unifying driving force of her work is the liberation of human potential that too often languishes within organisations.

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Dr. Irena is the author of Leading in the Innovation Age, which is a handbook to help leaders navigate the new VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous) world in which we live. Apart from that she has co-authored six books, numerous academic journal articles, white papers, ebooks and case studies.

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Dr. Irena has a rare combination of deep academic knowledge and real-world entrepreneurial experience. Dr. Irena has been doing creativity and innovation since before they became universal workplace imperatives. She began her research in this field 25 years ago with a PhD in complex creative problem-solving and a Master’s degree in Adult Education. As such she is well placed to help leaders develop effective approaches to innovation and creative leadership.

A committed lifelong learner, Dr. Irena practices what she preaches constantly updating her knowledge and skills. This means that organisations that work with her have the benefit of cutting edge information, intel and insights about leadership, innovation and creativity to place them on the leading edge of a fast changing world.


Dr. Irena is a liberator. She is on a mission to liberate innovation, creativity and leadership within people and organisations. Innovation is unleashed when organisations are liberated from entrenched practices and out-dated processes.

Creativity is unleashed when people are liberated from the mental shackles of default thinking and rigid mental models. Leadership is unleashed when individuals are liberated from constraints that stifle initiative and talent.

She thrives on demystifying, enabling and facilitating innovation and creativity and is skilled at unlocking the enormous human potential that languishes within most leaders and organisations.

Clients Say...

Clients say that working with Dr. Irena is ‘catalytic’ because they are able to achieve outcomes they never thought possible. They describe her as professional, inclusive, intuitive and engaging with a passion for her work that is contagious. Clients consistently describe their experience of working with Dr. Irena as being empowering, enlightening, and fun. They appreciate the way she listens carefully to their brief and masterfully adapts and designs her programs to their needs and contexts.


The diversity of sectors that Dr. Irena has worked is exceptional. Academia, schools, government at all levels (federal, state and local), government owned corporations, corporate, not-for-profit, community, small business and manufacturing. Her expertise and experience was recognized by the Commonwealth Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research who awarded her a series of major competitive grants to work nationally with Australian businesses helping them to become more globally competitive through innovation.