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Intrapreneur: The new career path for the 2020s

Over the next decade, the world of work will be radically transformed. We’ve all heard the statistics about job losses due to automation over the next decade. It is predicted that by 2030 between 30% and 40% of current jobs will be lost to technology in various forms....

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Creativity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The dawn of the fourth industrial revolution has made creative thinking a CORE workplace activity.We have moved from a workplace paradigm where creativity for so long has been a ‘fringe’ activity (the marginalised, poor cousin of analytical thinking) into an era where...

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Intrapreneurialism: The Ethnographic Approach to Innovation

Ethnography is a qualitative research approach that seeks to appreciate and describe, at a deep level, the culture and practices of a community or social system. It has traditionally been the domain of anthropologists - the social scientists traditionally...

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Opportunity Finder: The highest level of Intrapreneur

As intrapreneurialism starts to become more mainstream in progressive, future-focussed organisations, it helps to have some tools and models by which to understand this trend. I’d like to share one here that identifies different levels of readiness for...

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How to be an Intrapreneur in 5 Simple Steps

Want to be an intrapreneur? Try this simple five step process!This simple process experientially develops a host of useful intrapreneurial skills. Problem identification, project planning, advocacy, influence, mitigating risk, business acumen. Good luck....

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How a Table Changed a Culture

The opening story in the book Creativity, inc.: Overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration[1], by Ed Catmull, founder of Pixar, is a cautionary tale of how invisible forces hiding in plain sight, can negatively impact an...

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The invisible barrier to innovation in your organisation.

Is FEAR killing innovation in your workplace?One of the greatest invisible barriers to positive change, intrapreneurialism and innovation in organisations is FEAR.Great leaders help people to feel safe as they navigate transitions and disruptive times....

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Grow your reputation as an INTRAPRENEUR!

Intrapreneurialism is the FUTURE OF WORK. As a result of the workplace revolution we are experiencing right now, intrapreneurs will become the most in-demand employees. So it makes sense to develop your reputation as an INTRAPRENEUR. We can learn to be...

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Develop ‘Dragonfly Vision’​

Dragonflies have remarkable eyes! Those eyes can see 360 degrees; perceive colours not visible to other species such as humans; detect the plane of polarized light which knowledge they can use as a compass; and provide acute sensitivity to movement which...

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Entrapreneurs are problem solvers who are being recognized as the driving force behind innovation in organizations. Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw is leading the charge in this new way of working. In this episode, she shares how to be an intrapreneur and how to create a culture that fosters creativity and intrapreneurialism.

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On this episode, you’ll hear how Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw transitioned from a high school teacher to become Australia’s leading expert on creativity and innovation.  Listen in when she discusses the strategies she uses to facilitate knowledge retention and behaviour change in the workshops.

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On this episode, Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw discusses, in BizTalk with Emmanuel, Intrapreneurship.  That it’s not new, and is fundamental to the success of any organisation in the world, yet still very little attention has been placed on it. 

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