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Is there untapped or underutilised talent within your leaders and your workforce that is going to waste? Contact Dr. Irena to find out how to liberate the innovation, creativity & leadership potential of your people. The result? A vibrant, future-ready workplace enabled and empowered to rise to the challenges of the innovation age.

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I Can’t Dance But I Sure Can Pivot!

I Can’t Dance But I Sure Can Pivot!

Are you noticing the creativity that is being unleashed right now as people and teams and businesses are doing things differently and rising to the challenge of creating a new normal? I’m pretty confident that everyone reading this newsletter has experienced some form...

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Intrapreneur: The new career path for the 2020s

Intrapreneur: The new career path for the 2020s

Over the next decade, the world of work will be radically transformed. We’ve all heard the statistics about job losses due to automation over the next decade. It is predicted that by 2030 between 30% and 40% of current jobs will be lost to technology in various forms....

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