Organisations today, are transforming themselves in order to rise to the complex challenges of the 21st century.

INTRAPRENEURS can be the driving force behind this transformation!



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Organisations today, are transforming themselves in order to rise to the complex challenges of the 21st century. INTRAPRENEURS can be the driving force behind this transformation!

Intrapreneurialism is the demonstration of business acumen, personal leadership & creative problem-solving abilities that enables employees to find, explore & implement worthy ideas that help the organisation to be future-ready and relevant. In a fast-moving world, intrapreneurs are the source of energy and creativity that helps an organisation, especially one steeped in bureaucracy, to find and exploit change and innovation opportunities. They are the MOST valuable of all employees!



Leaders, emerging leaders, aspiring leaders and influencers at ALL LEVELS who want to create meaningful change whilst developing their intrapreneurial skills.

Invest in yourself and your team. Become more enterprising in your approach to envisioning and creating the future. Solve problems, implement your ideas and influence for positive change. Discover some powerful, road-tested tools and approaches guaranteed to help transcend bureaucratic thinking and doing in the service of creating VALUE.

You will receive a copy of Dr. Irena’s new book INTRAPRENEUR: Ignite innovation, break bureaucracy and catalyse change.

What You’ll learn!

  • A framework for intrapreneurialism
  • Why nurturing your intrapreneurial abilities is the BEST investment you can make in yourself and your workplace
  • How to be intrapreneurial inside an organisation
  • Steps to becoming an ‘opportunity finder’
  • Ways of quantifying the impact of intrapreneurial activities
  • Processes for developing business acumen
  • How to overcome barriers to intrapreneurialism
  • The intrapreneurial skillset and how to use it to achieve your strategic goals.
  • Ways to turbocharge your transformation efforts!

What You’ll Receive!

  • A Copy of Irena’s latest book INTRAPRENEUR which is packed with first hand case studies
  • A 10 week on-line course based on the book to embed the learning
  • On-line onboarding package to get the most out of the workshop
  • A follow-up webinar to assist with implementation of intrapreneurial initiatives
  • Unlimited access to Dr. Irena’s Innovation Vault containing a wide variety of resources to facilitate innovation and intrapreneurialism.
  • Opportunity to network with other smart savvy leaders
  • A Polemics Pass that entitles you to challenge the status quo
  • A day of expertly facilitated learning

Your Workshop Leader

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw (PhD, MEd, BA, CSP) is Australia’s leading authority on INTRAPRENEURIALISM. She is on a mission to liberate innovation, creativity and leadership within people and organisations. Innovation is unleashed when organisations are liberated from entrenched practices and out-dated processes. Creativity is unleashed when people are liberated from the mental shackles of default thinking and rigid mental models. Leadership is unleashed when individuals are liberated from constraints that stifle initiative and talent.

Driven by a belief that entrepreneurial talent is wasted in most organisations, Irena has developed a process for identifying, developing and harnessing it. She works with organisations and leaders who want a critical mass of high-performing, dedicated, energised employees who will propel the organisation forward with their creativity and innovativeness.

What people

have said! 


“Each section of the Creating Intrapreneurs workshop built on the previous one. I was taken through an effective process to develop a pitch for my chosen workplace problem. By the end of the day I had the skills and knowledge needed to look at my problem in a new way, define it properly, and clearly explain to other’s what my proposed solution was. The webinar and 10-week follow up course has been great in helping me further refine my skills as an Intrapreneur.

I’ve used my learnings from the workshop to further refine the Innovation Framework for my department. In addition, our Innovation Champions group is now called The Intrapreneurs!

Dr Yashin-Shaw’s book, Intrapreneur: How leaders ignite innovation, break bureaucracy and catalyse change has been extremely useful. I used it as a reference throughout the day of the workshop and continue to refer to it.

Overall I’d highly recommend this course. Interesting, challenging, and very relevant to my work in an Innovation Unit. Anyone wanting to add additional value within their workplace and ‘stand out from the crowd’ should attend.”
– J. Graham A/Senior Policy Advisor Innovation. Dept. Environment and Science

“This workshop gave me a new way of thinking and a foundation for innovative leadership. It was challenging but great!”
– L. Hutchinson. Qld Health.

“Developing our intrapreneurial skills with Dr. Irena has been hugely beneficial for changing the way we think about our business problems and their solutions.”
– K. Dyble. Manager. QSA.

“Good to look to the future and be prepared for it. Dr. Irena gives you a good snapshot of our ever-changing business environment.”
C. Beavis. RSQ.

“This workshop is very energising and motivating. I feel empowered.”
L. Trenning. Nurse Educator. Retrieval Services Qld.

Great program! I have used the central model as a reference in developing my own change strategy.
– I. MacDonald. A/Manager. Digital Archiving Program.

“It was interesting to be reinvigorated about making improvements and changing the way we operate whilst learning how to do this differently.”
– S. Howard. Qld Health.

“Dr. Irena thank you so much for an exciting, interesting and well researched and developed workshop. I have learnt so much and feel confident about how to go forward. My mojo is back!
– L. White. Manager. DLGRMA.

“I learnt so much about myself and who I want to develop into in this ever-changing workforce.”
R. Shearman. RSQ

“Hi Irena, thank you for a great ‘Creating Intrapreneurs in the Public Sector’ workshop and follow up webinar. Your workshop gave me back self-belief and confidence that I do have good ideas. I was almost at a point of giving up and becoming the type of public servant that people always joke about but I now have an enthusiasm and focus that I haven’t had in a while. Thank you. Your postcard is on my wall as a reminder that it is ok to be ‘brave’, to ‘challenge’ and ‘disrupt’ the norm.”
– Qld Gov employee.

Learn about the different levels of readiness for intrapreneurialism.

Understand the three key drivers, the three key practices and the three stages of intrapreneurialism.