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Grow your reputation as an INTRAPRENEUR!

Intrapreneurialism is the FUTURE OF WORK. As a result of the workplace revolution we are experiencing right now, intrapreneurs will become the most in-demand employees. So it makes sense to develop your reputation as an INTRAPRENEUR. We can learn to be...

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Develop ‘Dragonfly Vision’​

Dragonflies have remarkable eyes! Those eyes can see 360 degrees; perceive colours not visible to other species such as humans; detect the plane of polarized light which knowledge they can use as a compass; and provide acute sensitivity to movement which...

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Launch of Intrapreneur Magazine

Intrapreneur Magazine was officially launched last month at the inaugural Australian Intrapreneurs Summit. It is a free quarterly digital publication. Check out the first issue here and subscribe to receive subsequent issues.Subscribe to Intrapreneur...

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The new IQ: Intrapreneurial Quotient

Do you know what your IQ is?Traditionally the term IQ refers to a person’s Intelligence Quotient. It was considered a measure of how smart someone was and by extension how likely it was that person would succeed in life.The NEW IQBut I want to announce...

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INTRAPRENEURIALISM. An Unstoppable Movement.

On Thursday (14th of March 2019) was the inaugural Australian Intrapreneurs Summit at the Brisbane Convention Centre.IT WAS SOLD OUT!!!The room was absolutely packed to capacity. So wonderful to see the movement of intrapreneurialism gaining traction in...

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The Australian Intrapreneurs Summit

Most people who are connected with me are aware that I am hosting the inaugural Australian Intrapreneurs Summit at the Brisbane Convention Centre on the 14th of March 2019. As someone in my network you are invited you to attend this historic event and join...

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What kind of innovator are you?

Happy New Year! I hope 2019 is a great year for you. In my last post before Christmas I asked the question – ‘what will you create in 2019?’ This article is about HOW you create depending on what kind of innovator you are. People contribute to innovation...

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Beautiful Chaos.

I’ve recently returned from a trade mission to India visiting Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. While in Jaipur I had a meeting with the head of a design institute. It was a delight to talk about how the institute was helping students harness and evolve their...

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Avoiding risk is the riskiest course of action.

Fear of risk is one of the greatest barriers to innovation and intrapreneurialism. Risk is a term that strikes fear in the hearts of many leaders – especially those who consider themselves to work in severely risk-averse contexts. However, taking a risk is...

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Do you have a Growth Mindset?

In her bestselling book, Mindset[1], Stanford University professor Carol Dweck suggests that people fall loosely into two categories – and these two categories are very starkly contrasted when it comes to learning, failure and self-efficacy. The two...

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Collaboration Is More Than a Conversation

I spent some time at Atlassian Headquarters in Sydney last week learning about what has made this Aussie tech firm one of the most successful software companies in the world. How did they build a culture that enables them to punch so far above their...

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Entrapreneurs are problem solvers who are being recognized as the driving force behind innovation in organizations. Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw is leading the charge in this new way of working. In this episode, she shares how to be an intrapreneur and how to create a culture that fosters creativity and intrapreneurialism.

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On this episode, you’ll hear how Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw transitioned from a high school teacher to become Australia’s leading expert on creativity and innovation.  Listen in when she discusses the strategies she uses to facilitate knowledge retention and behaviour change in the workshops.

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