Australian Intrapreneurs Summit 2020

Enabling Intrapreneurialism through Technology & Diversity

Thursday 19 March, 2020, Brisbane, Qld


Intrapreneurialism holds the key to unlocking the next wave of productivity and profitability within our workplaces and prosperity within our economy.

This global movement is being driven by INTRAPRENEURS.

19 March 2020

8:30am to 5:00pm

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Southbank, QLD

At the Summit you will learn:


• Practical strategies for creating a future-ready workplace

• The trends impacting your organisation and business

• Ways to unleash the talent of your people

• How intrapreneurialism can skyrocket your career

• What Australia’s innovative organisations and leaders are doing

• How to build high-performing intrapreneurial teams

• How to lead a culture of intrapreneurialism and innovation

• How different sectors are driving intrapreneurialism

• How to prepare young people for an intrapreneurial future workplace

• How to develop educational systems that support and implement intrapreneurial practices


Intrapreneurs are the human face and the driving force of innovation within organisations. They are the dreamers who do, the people who think and act like entrepreneurs while working as employees inside an organisation or enterprise. They are the future of innovation.

This gathering will celebrate, educate and inspire the people who make change happen in many different ways and in many different contexts. We want to showcase and learn from organisations, workplaces and people leading the charge in this emerging area.

Who Should Come?

CEOs. Executive leaders. HR managers. Team leaders. Established and emerging intrapreneurs. People seeking career advancement.

If you are an intrapreneur, lead intrapreneurs, aspire to be an intrapreneur or want to unleash the power of intrapreneurialism within your workplace, then you need to be at this event.

If you want to find out how to harness the enormous entrepreneurial potential and talent within your ranks to achieve your mission, vision and business ambitions then register now.


Celebrating Intrapreneurialism

Discover how this global movement will impact the future of your career, your team and your workplace. Hear and learn from inspiring intrapreneurs who are changing their organisations, businesses and their industry from the inside and in so doing ……. are changing the world.




Keynote Speakers

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw

Speaker, Author, Leading Authority on Intrepreneurialism

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw, educator, author and speaker is a leading authority on Intrapreneurialism. She is on a mission to liberate and develop the vast amounts of untapped intrapreneurial talent that currently languishes within organisations and businesses. A rare combination of deep academic knowledge, real-world entrepreneurial experience and entertaining speakership, Dr. Irena has been working in the fields of innovation and creativity since before they became the new workplace imperatives.

She holds a PhD in Creative Problem Solving, a Master’s Degree in Adult Education, a Bachelor of Arts and a teaching degree. Prior to starting her own business she was a Senior Research Fellow and lecturer at Griffith University. Her most recent book Intrapreneur: How leaders ignite innovation, break bureaucracy and catalyse change focuses on how to create a future-ready, innovative organisation by harnessing the energy and creativity of internal entrepreneurs i.e. the intrapreneurs.

Her previous book, Leading in the Innovation Age: Unleash knowledge, talent and experience to create an innovative workplace, serves as a handbook for leaders wanting to unlock the potential of their people in the service of innovation. It provides concepts, case studies, tools and frameworks to help leaders to thrive in the contemporary landscape of the innovation age.

In addition to her work as a corporate educator, adviser and mentor, Dr. Irena is a Certified Speaking Professional and an in-demand international conference speaker who loves to challenge and inspire smart, savvy and sophisticated audiences who want insight rather than information and an experience rather than a presentation.


How Intrapreneurs Help Organisations to SOAR

Intrapreneurialism holds the key to unlocking the next wave of productivity within our workplaces and businesses. In a fast-moving world, intrapreneurs are the source of energy and creativity that help an organisation to find and capitalise on change and innovation opportunities. They are the human face of innovation who solve high-value problems, transform practice and bring in fresh thinking. They are too valuable a resource to waste.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why intrapreneurs are the MOST valuable resource within your organisation
  • Why we are entering the age of the intrapreneur and the global trends that are giving rise to this phenomenon
  • How to identify your intrapreneurs and what to do with them when you have
  • The seven key enablers of organisational intrapreneurialism
  • How to create a culture of intrapreneurialism that will enable your organisation to SOAR.

Rainer Petek


International Keynote Speaker

Rainer Petek is an extreme alpinist who has conquered some of the most difficult and treacherous climbs in the world. At the age of nineteen he climbed the infamous Walker-Spur at the north face of the Grandes Joresses in the Swiss Alps, one of the most spectacular and dangerous climbing routes in Europe. For 12 years with more than 2,000 successful climbs under his belt, he trained and led teams to conquer extreme climbing routes in the Alps & Himalayas.

Rainer’s extraordinary experiences and endurance in extreme adversity have taught him about leadership and survival in uncertainty – principles that he now teaches other leaders all over the world including classical industries as well as start-ups in Silicon Valley.

He is a founding-partner of 3ULeaders, an international consultancy based in Salzburg, Austria. Since 1998 he has worked with global players in the fields of strategy, change and development of new forms of leadership and collaboration while lecturing in the Executive MBA Program at the Danube University Krems and at the Alpe-Adria-University of Klagenfurt.

Rainer is the author of seven books including “The Nordwand-Principle – How to manage uncertainty” which has been a long-seller since 2006 in Germany where he now lives. See more at RainerPetek.com.


Leading Intrapreneurialism: What to do when there is no beaten path

In this presentation Rainer will simultaneously take you on an exhilarating journey to some of the most inhospitable reaches of our planet as well as on a learning journey into innovative leadership. Supported with stunning images and amazing stories of survival and strategy his message of how to lead in uncertain times will leave you transfixed.

You will learn:

  • How to choose the shortest way to think and act out-of-the-box
  • How to change deep-rooted thinking with transformative experiences
  • The value of smart experiments instead of detailed planning
  • Why you should provoke clever (and inexpensive) mistakes at the beginning of intrapreneurial ventures
  • Why it’s no longer about change processes but about the capability to change
  • How to set in motion a continuous dynamic spiral of change and renewal.
  • How to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit within your organisation to help drive intrapreneurialism.

Sector Speakers

Government – Robyn Turbit

Assistant Director General Department of Housing & Public Works Corporate Services Qld Government

BComm, BEcon

Robyn has worked in various iterations of the Department of Housing and Public Works for about 30 years. Robyn was appointed as the first Internal Audit Manager for the department and went on to fill a variety of positions until her appointment to the Assistant Director-General, Corporate Services position in 2007.

In the span of her 40-year career, Robyn has worked in various public and private sectors, predominantly in accounting, auditing and governance functions; and has undertaken roles using many employment styles, including full-time, part-time, telecommuting and contracting.

Academia – Professor Brad Jackson

Director of the Policy Innovation Hub and Professor of Social Innovation within Griffith Business School

Brad Jackson is the Director of the Policy Innovation Hub and Professor of Social Innovation within the Griffith Business School.  The Policy Innovation Hub promotes and facilitates close collaboration between Griffith University researchers, students and partners in industry, government and the community to create value for the residents and communities of Queensland, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Jackson has published six books—Management Gurus and Management Fashions, The Hero Manager, Organisational Behaviour in New Zealand, A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying LeadershipDemystifying Business Celebrity and Revitalising Leadership. He has also co-edited the Sage Handbook of Leadership and Major Works in Leadership. He is a former co-editor of the journal, Leadership, and the former Vice-Chair of the International Leadership Association.


Sustaining Intrapreneurialism through Collaborative Leadership.

Education – Dr Paul Browning

Headmaster, St Paul’s School, Brisbane

Dr Paul Browning (PhD, MEdAdmin (Hons), BEd, DipTeach) is passionate about creativity and innovation in learning. It is this passion that has lead St Paul’s School to be identified as among the most innovative educational institutions in the world according to the University of Cambridge and to Paul being listed amongst the top 50 most influential people in education in Australia.

Paul has been a Head for over 20 years. His first appointment was as the founding principal at Burgmann Anglican School in the ACT where he also served at the Chair of the Association of Independent Schools ACT and on the Board of the Independent Schools Council of Australia.

In 2008 Dr Browning was appointed as Headmaster of St Paul’s School. Upon his arrival he led St Paul’s School through a major restructure to create a unique middle management model designed to coach and develop teachers in key 21st century pedagogies and opened the School’s Centre for Research, Innovation and Future Development.

Paul’s other passion is leadership and school culture. He believes that trust is the fundamental resource for successful leadership and a healthy school culture. His PhD research into the practices that engender trust was nominated for an outstanding thesis award and won an Executive Dean’s commendation from Queensland University of Technology.

Paul has published numerous articles for various journals and is a peer reviewer for research articles on leadership for the International Journal of Leadership in Education. He has spoken at numerous conferences, both nationally and internationally, and lead workshops on leadership, teacher improvement, school culture and improvement to well in excess of 1500 school leaders and CEOs across several continents. He is the author of “Compelling Leadership: The importance of trust and how to get it” (Apple iBooks).

Compelling Leadership should be pinned to every CEOs Desk” (David Price OBE).

Rarely does a book about leadership come along that is practical and inspiring. Compelling Leadership has both of these” (Professor Alma Harris).

In 2014 Paul’s work saw him sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Sutton Trust to speak at a global summit of educational leaders in Washington DC. There his work was endorsed by all attendants as the most influential on school culture and teacher improvement.


Comments are regularly made about our current education system: schools were designed for a different era and are quickly becoming an outdated mode of delivery. The way we educate our young people needs to change or we be doing them a grave disservice. The value of a university degree will probably decline in the next decade and 40% of the jobs we know today will be transformed or made redundant by artificial intelligence and robotics.

St Paul’s School in Brisbane has embraced these coming changes and has developed innovative ways of teaching that support every student’s ability to think like an entrepreneur. The school’s Centre for Innovators and Entrepreneurs provides a valid third pathway for learning, one which enables students to start their own business while they are at school.

In this presentation Dr. Browning shares both the theory and practice of how to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of young people for future lives as either entrepreneurs or INTRAPRENEURS.

Not For Profit – Wendy Agar

Chief Executive Officer, Sunrise Way Rehab

With a personal purpose of ‘creating change for good’ Wendy Agar is an intrapreneur passionate about making a difference in our communities.  Her strong cross-sectorial background includes leadership experience in education, agriculture, banking and regional development.

It is this broad skill set, combined with her shared and purposeful leadership and a drive to innovate and collaborate, that has allowed her to transform Toowoomba’s Sunrise Way Rehab into a sustainable, outcomes focused organisation and position them to exponentially expand their impact.

Sunrise Way is supporting stronger and healthier communities in rural and regional QLD through helping individuals living with addiction to rebuild their lives.  With a focus on attracting and nurturing a values aligned team of passionate professionals, implementing best practice therapies and seeking innovation for best outcomes, it is an organisation obsessed with working with each individual to create their best recovery journey.


Status Quo…isn’t that the name of a band?

“No one will fund you – addiction isn’t sexy” is a comment Wendy constantly heard when she took on the CEO role at Sunrise Way, a start-up residential addictions rehab that was unable to secure ongoing funding and was looking down the barrel of closure.

Armed with energy, enthusiasm, and a good dose of naivety she set about applying her beliefs about what makes an organisation purposeful and outcomes focused and as such, utilising the skills of intrapreneurship.  Almost 3 years on the organisation is unrecognisable – it is achieving incredible results because of the team of passionate professionals who #RebuildLives every day, it has funders and philanthropists actively engaged and proactively supporting it, and has a broad base of community champions.

Wendy’s message will address:

  • Why your ‘story’ is critical
  • How organisational structure is the scaffolding that supports your team to do beautiful work as intrapreneurs
  • Why a #ThisIsWhyWeLoveIt team culture is essential
  • How focusing on your client drives innovation and intrapreneurialism
  • Why you should ‘hear all the voices’

You can learn more about Sunrise Way here.

Indigenous – John Fonmosa

Artist, Founder of Indijnarts

John Fonmosa is an artist with a passion for developing the next generation of indigenous artists and entrepreneurs. To help them succeed as entrepreneurs, John nurtures their skills as INTRAPRENEURS first before helping them to step out as business owners and entrepreneurs.

John was raised by his grandparents at Fingal head (Minyangbal) area of the Bundjalung Nation of Northern NSW.


Corporate – Suneth Mendis

Innovation Manager at RACQ Australia

Suneth Mendis is responsible for the Innovation activities across the RACQ group (Assistance, Insurance, Banking & Corporate Services) while also managing RACQ’s internal Innovation Hub named, “Basecamp”.

Innovation and intrapreneurial activity at RACQ are supported through four main pillars.

  1. The organisational readiness through culture change and Basecamp Academy.
  2. The execution of innovation through Ideas, Experiments and Initiatives framework.
  3. The awareness through new Frontiers and battlegrounds.
  4. External investments, partnerships and collaborations.

Suneth joined RACQ in June 2013 and worked as the lead solution architect in the digital transformation program for 2 years. As part of the digital transformation program, RACQ launched a new website to designed to enable RACQ to thrive in the digital economy.

Suneth is a technologist at heart who has worked in wide range of industries including numerous startups, manufacturing firms, gaming studios, digital consultancies and corporate enterprises.


In this presentation Suneth shares the process he used to build a thriving culture of innovation & intrapreneurialism in RACQ in under 12 months.

Community – Bill Delves

CEO Southbank Corporation

Professor Bill Delves is the CEO of Southbank Corporation with a mandate to evolve the most dynamic urban and cultural precinct in the world. Brisbane’s beautiful Southbank.


Community Intrapreneurialism

How do you unlock the great ideas within the community when planning the future of an important and much beloved piece of public infrastructure like Southbank?

Case Study

Senior Sergeant Kelly McAuliffe

Innovation Unit, Organisational Capability Command, Queensland Police Service

Kelly has 22 years policing experience where she has performed a range of roles including a general duties police officer, detective investigator, training facilitator and project officer.

Kelly is a founding members of the Queensland Police Service Innovation unit that commenced in 2016. She was instrumental in building the right connections to ensure the QPS remains a progressive organisation in a rapidly changing environment. Kelly
and a small team implemented the QPS idea management platform iCOP (Ideas Connecting Our People).  Her passion to connect the unconnected has been instrumental in connecting over 6000 members. These connections have provided a voice to many, fostering collaboration and creative thinking to discover opportunities to make policing simpler, better and safer.


Finding the intrapreneurs within your organisation

How do you harness the capability, ideas and information within your organisation to support better business decisions and to engender trust?

This is a story of the Queensland Police Service’s idea management platform, iCOP (Ideas Connecting Our People) which has engaged 6000+ members to ask questions, share knowledge and submit ideas with the focus of making policing services simpler, better and safer. It will explore the concept of attention as an asset and through ‘harnessing the energy’ within the organisation you can support engagement and deliver the right outcomes.

Virtual Speakers

Human Resources – Jim Link

Chief Human Resources Officer Randstad North America

Jim Link is a well-known authority helping organisations build effective human  capital strategies to improve operational performance and business outcomes.

Link currently serves as chief human resources officer of Randstad North America, where he leads the company’s human capital strategy, including organisational design, talent acquisition and employee relations.

Link’s opinions on workplace issues and trends are frequently sought out by national and local media, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, NPR, HR Magazine and Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Prior to joining Randstad, Link served in senior-level human resources roles with several Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric, The Pillsbury Company and Porsche Cars North America.

Link earned both his bachelor’s degree and a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication from Murray State University. He is designated a Senior Certified Professional by the Society for Human Resources Management.


HR’s essential role in fostering a culture of intrapreneurship

With today’s quickening pace of change, intrapreneurship is central to companies’ ability to stay relevant, and HR needs to own their organisation’s strategy around it, building an architecture and culture that nurtures it. This presentation brings insights into how this can be achieved.

Gareth Bullen

Practising Professor of Intrapreneurship, London College of International Business Studies

Gareth has been a thought leader, practitioner and driving force globally for intrapreneurialism for over 20 years. He spent a number of years as a Senior Manager within Utilities before moving to help set up a consultancy which built an unrivalled reputation in delivering leadership capacity, customer excellence and creative ways of working.  Gareth has helped to develop senior leaders across all sectors and has worked with clients such as Rolls Royce, NHS, RWE, Astra Zeneca, a number of local authorities and government office.  He is also an executive coach and mentor, working with board level directors in many private and public organisations.

From 2012 – 2015 Gareth was asked to be a Director in a public utility in the UK to help transform the culture which he was able to do using techniques such as intrapreneurial leadership and viral change, building the capacity for transformational leadership within the organisation and focusing the business on a very simple ambition.

Gareth contributes to a number of leadership publications in the area of intrapreneurship and has supported research at Oxford University and Engage for Success as well as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.  His book, co-written with Sally Eaves on the intrapreneurial mind-set will be published later this year.

Research & SME – Paul Hodgson

General Manager, Innovation and Stakeholder Engagement (East Coast) for the National Energy Resources Australia industry growth centre

Paul Hodgson works with stakeholders to increase the productivity, competitiveness and export potential of the energy resources sectors.

He has a Bachelor of International Business, a Master of Sustainable Development and has recently commenced a part-time PhD in Small to Medium Enterprise Succession.

He has spent over 20 years exploring the competitiveness of businesses, industries and regions, and designing and implementing strategies to improve performance through innovation and collaboration.


Over the next decade, hundreds of thousands of Australian businesses worth approximately $3.6 trillion will need new owners and managers as baby boomers retire from the workforce.  With a lack of interested next generation family owners and other buyers, how can we create pathways for intrapreneurs to take the reins from today’s business leaders, boosting the number of successful ownership transitions?

Federal Government – Dr. Sarah Pearson

Australia’s Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Scientist for the Australian Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Sarah Pearson is an internationally experienced innovation practitioner and ecosystem builder, scientist, Board Director, and advocate for collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship. In her current role, inaugural Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Scientist at DFAT, she is responsible for leading, developing and scaling innovation and science practice and culture across DFAT, in neighbouring countries, and through whole of government activity.

Sarah has held leadership roles of all parts of the innovation system; as a tenured physics academic, global head of innovation at Cadbury, consultant at McKinsey, board Director and CEO of several companies. She has published via TV, radio, books, academic journals, magazines and newspapers, and is an inventor on eight international patents. She was awarded a DPhil from the University of Oxford in particle physics. Sarah has recently been awarded an ATSE Fellowship.


Outperforming the norm – using innovation and science to support DFAT’s Foreign Policy, Trade and Aid goals.


Our M.C.

Learning Futurist – Tony Ryan

Author, Speaker, Futurist, Entrepreneur

Tony is a serial entrepreneur and an education futurist with a passion for creating the kind of positive change that inspires greatness within people.

His latest book The Next Generation: Preparing Today’s Kids for an Extraordinary Future was recently released by Wiley and Sons publishers which has seen him appear on national TV and numerous radio and newspaper interviews.

An experienced MC and keynote speaker, Tony will help create an extraordinary experience for all participants at the inaugural Australian Intrapreneurs Summit.


This event is a cross between a conference and a party!
We want to celebrate intrapreneurialism in all its different forms.

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